Writing the Italian Curriculum Vitae: hints and tips - II Part Living in Rome

3/31/2011 by Athena Italy

There is not a standard curriculum vitae structure or a format to use but, for sure, there is information you should never leave out. Here are the main sections that you need to include in your CV.
Personal details This section is very important for recruiters, in order to get in touch with the candidate.
Make sure your data are clear and without mistakes.
Don't forget to write: • name and surname; • date of birth; • contact details: home address, phone number, e-mail, etc; • nationality.
According to the position you apply for, it could be useful to give information about your driving license.
There is no need to include your marital status. Education and training List all relevant study experience and training courses you have attended,
In case you have a long educational background, it is advisable not to give information about middle and high schools and to focus on academic studies and more recent professional courses, usually in reverse chronological order.
For any educational title, always remember to give details about: • name of the Institute; • period you attended the course; • titles you achieved.
Also include the grade, unless it is not a good score. In the case you don't mention it, keep in mind this could arouse recruiter's curiosity and be prepared with some good answers for the interview.
Remember to recall all the internship you have attended.
Professional Experience This is the most important section. Those who have had only a few job experiences shouldn't forget to list summer and part time jobs, especially those during the studying period. These are considered as signs of determination and proactive behavior.
On the other hand, those who have a long job experience list should focus on the most relevant with respect to the position they are applying for, and leave out past experience which are not relevant and/or too dated
List your jobs in reverse chronological order and give information about: • beginning and end date; • name and location of the company • job description.
It is recommended to mention coordination and managing responsibilities (i.e. human and economical resources).
Always remember: self-marketing can be appreciated, but don't ever lie on your previous and current experiences, the truth will out! Spoken languages First suggestion for this section is to be honest on your foreign language level; keep in mind that the selection process may include a language test.
Assess your oral, writing and comprehension skills.
You can use the following evaluation scale: sufficient (sufficiente), discreet (discreto), good (buono), very good (ottimo), fluent (fluente).
You can recall here your studying-holidays experiences and your language diplomas. Computer and Technology skills List first the most common programs such as Suite Office and then the specialist ones.
Do not refer to your skills in using e-mails or the Internet: these are taken for granted.
Extra interests and hobbies Some believe that giving information about ones own hobbies and extra-professional interests could be out of place. I instead believe that this section is important, especially when relevant skills are highlighted. For instance, sports such as soccer, basket or volleyball are claiming team-working capabilities. Authorization of personal data usage Never forget to authorize the use of personal data in compliance with Legislative Decree n. 196/03. Photo I usually persuade from including photos of yours in the CV, unless explicitly requested.
In this case it is recommended to spend time to properly select the photo at least in terms of sober exposure and neutral landscape.
Note that in some cases video curriculum should be sent as well. Hints and tips for the video curriculum are discussed separately. Curriculum language It is recommended to use the same language as in the job offer. Prevalently in Italy the language used is Italian but it is not uncommon for companies to request CVs written in English.
Now you are ready to begin.

Athena Italy

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