from United Kingdom 45 - 60

Registered 2/17/2023 7:48:24 PM

Son and I travel to Rome soon...wish to live there someday. Found out Italian heritage of my own as well as son's father was Half Italian (Sassoon) Would love to reach out and meet some friends there. We are in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Mother and Son looking for family friends

Hobbies & interests 2/17/2023 8:03:24 PM

I am 45, single mother in Edinburgh. My son and I plan to visit Rome soon. Rome is very special to us. My son is Autistic (very high function) We love history, arts and architecture and often study Rome. I myself have Italian heritage and son is half Italian too. We live in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our first trip will be very special as we sadly lost my mother and grandmother and our family has bec...