from United Kingdom 18 - 24

Registered 3/5/2021 3:27:52 AM

Hi there, I am a super friendly English girl and would love to work in Rome as part of my gap year before university in order to enjoy the culture and improve my Italian skills, whilst helping to teach your family English if you want. I love working with children and animals and have experience in babysitting, and working in professional environments where I have held immense responsibilities, having been a supervisor. I am just finishing my A levels, having studied Drama, Geography and Psychology and am looking for work that will enable me to apply my excellent range of skills. I am a quick thinking, hard working individual who uses her initiative. I am great at cooking and enjoy cleaning and keeping houses tidy and organised. I have a passion for environmental sustainability and am vegan for environmental reason, although I would be happy not to be during my time in Italy. I hope to study Environment and Business at Leeds University following my gap year. I have a passion for travelling and experiencing different cultures and societies, and am up for anything that comes my way. I have always loved Italy as I am a quarter Italian and one day hope to live there permenantly. I have helped in many clubs in which I have worked with children, so am aware of how to keep them engaged in learning whilst having fun. In addition, I have exceptional organisational skills from managing extracurricular activities such as ballet and oboe whilst handling school work, which I have a passion for.

any job

Babysitters/waiters/housekeepers 3/5/2021 3:34:50 AM

I am looking for any job in which I can interact with people, learn Italian and make new friends. I have experience as a waitress and supervisor so would be well suited for that kind of job. I also love to babysit and spend time with kids and animals so would be willing to do this or teach English in order to improve my Italian....