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For many years it had been my dream to live in Florence, Italy...it was one of those kinds of dreams however which somehow never happens...some time in 1996 I was fired from a computer training company which I worked for. I had gotten divorced, was depressed and drinking alot.
I was in Austin, Texas sitting on the sofa of the girl with whom I was living at the time and said to myself, "now what I am going to do?" I was considering several options: returning to school to get a PhD in philosophy, going to law school or opening a new business (in my working career I had generally been an entrepreneur)...all of a sudden I heard I voice say "go to Florence Italy"
I knew that it was those kind of ideas which, for many reasons, never come to fruition. I began exercises tremendous will power just repeating to myself, "do it, don't change your mind", "do it, don't change your mind", "do it, don't change your mind"
I eventually found myself on a plane to Florence Italy. I had never been to Italy, did not know anyone and did not speak the language...I had only enough money to survive for one month.
In Florence, this great historic city of art and culture, I found a little apartment on Piazza Santa Croce where many greats of history are buried….it was a sensation which was beyond my dreams
From there began a great adventure...an adventure in which i feel like a character in a novel
It has been 22 years and every day, I love Italy even more

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