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from Kenya 25 - 34

Registered 12/18/2020 8:41:41 PM

Hello. I am an international student at university of Rome Tor Vergata. I'm passionate about teaching english to kids (I'm an experienced english tutor), babysitting and housekeeping.

English tutor/Babysitter/Housekeeper.

Babysitters/waiters/housekeepers 12/18/2020 8:56:25 PM

My name is Paola Yvette and I'm an international student in Rome. I'm an experienced english tutor who can teach basic english to kids, vocabulary, grammar and speaking. I can tutor online for 2 hours per day. In addition, I can babysit and do housekeeping from 22nd december until 29th december 2020. If you're interested, please reach out via cyuzuzopaola@gmail.com...