from United Kingdom 25 - 34

Registered 6/30/2013 12:08:29 PM

Hi all!
I am a young , enthusiastic professional living in Manchester, UK *(originally from London). I am 28 years old and currently work in the Finance sector (insurance) but also have my own small business in Private Tuition to adult professionals as well as foreign students & children! I love my career and really believe in self progression and spending time improving your own potential.

I love to travel, Art & fashion , meet new people, read good literature and do lots of fun and interesting things! Life is for living and exploring ! There is also moments where relaxation is needed so I also enjoy chilling out with close friends and family, spending time outdoors, the cinema and visiting good restaurants. I love children and am a very open minded and welcoming individual , so would like to meet expats as well as Italians living in Rome.

I am mother tongue in English language and also read/ write speak Arabic (Internediate level). My Italian needs some improving so it'd be great to practice Italian with a language buddy!

I am ideally seeking to make lasting friendships with like minded individuals but would also welcome business/ work connections if the opportunity arises!

I am available during the Easter holiday as well as Summer holiday for work as a Private Tutor (either privately or for a school/ business) as well as any suitable position in Finance - such as Accounting.

Looking forward to hearing from you all soon! Wishing you a lovely day/ evening!