from United Kingdom 25 - 34

Registered 1/3/2018 12:38:58 PM

Hi everybody. I am a philosophy graduate from England living in Rome for the year with the aim of learning the language to fluent proficiency. I am a qualified English teacher here in Rome and also have commitments as a personal tutor. I have a wide range of interests from Fine Art to football to cooking to Electronic and Jazz Music. Love in depth conversation and meeting new people.

Qualified English Teacher and Mother Tongue Offering Private Lessons

Private lessons - Languages 1/3/2018 12:56:04 PM

As title suggests I am offering my services in English proficiency in exchange for money. Cheap lessons at 15 Euros an hour. I am reliable and flexible so we could agree on a preferred time. Lessons could be conducted in either place or even a mutual setting, as you like....

Qualified English Teacher and Mother Tongue Looking for Language Exchange

Language Exchange 1/3/2018 12:43:52 PM

23 year old male in the country with the aim of reaching fluent proficiency by the end of the year. Looking for conversation exchange, flexible with times but would prefer to do something fun rather than sit in a classroom....