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I'm an American who will be living in Rome from Nov 2 till Jan 2 and would love to meet lots of new people - to help me with my Italiano (il mio Italiano e non perfetto e non sempre coretto, ma provo!) and to help them practice their english. I am a cook, a musician (bonus points if you have a guitar I could play as I have to leave mine home for this trip). I'd love to meet up for informal dinner parties, art events, dinners in Trattorias and Osterias. I have an apartment on Gianicolo hill in the Trastevere


Language Exchange 10/26/2019 6:28:04 PM

I'm an American (with my wife) lingin Rome from Nov 2 to Jan 2. Sono cuoco, musiciesta e scrivatore. I'd love to find a groups of folks who'd like to improve their language skills. For me Italiano and if you're italian and want to practice your english, I'm a native speaker (from California, San Francisco). I'd love to do a revolving light dinner party at different houses or ristorante/osteria ...