from Philippines 25 - 34

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I certainly join here to meet people from different continents. Learn their language and outlook in life. i find it easy to talk and be open about everything to a person whom i never met yet. I have high respect for people who stand firm for what they believe in because i do not agree to something just because everybody does. i am arguementative especially when i know i am right, never argue with me if you are unsure of your point... analytical is also one word to describe me, i analyze everything, from lyrics of songs to signs and billboards everywhere :) I am very impressed on how an individual is unique from one another, you can never meet a person who is exactly like one person... an observant yet a conversationalist... talkative yet tactful... a brat yet considerate... rational yet careless... impatient yet understanding... friendly yet picky... indecisive yet prudent... a dreamer yet a pessimist... emotional yet strong... sensitive yet mature... as a friend, im very loyal and i got your back all the way even if your wrong, i cannot take seeing my friend in a shit hole, id take a bullet for my loved ones!!! i give great advice but as most people, i have a hard time following it when i am in that certain situation. I am not ashamed of the mistakes ive committed because it had taught me a lot in LIFE. LIFE can never be learned unless you LIVE it... but life is truly unfair sometimes... i love to be loved :) i always try to make people that i love happy and proud of me... i do not have a single interest or hobby because i like to try a lot of things... i respect people's own philosophies, but im a believer of MINE... .. You have to learn to be strong, and in those moments when you feel at your weakest, give the world the biggest smile.

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