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from Italy 35 - 44

Registered 10/27/2010

My own slanted view of myself is that I'm light-hearted, sarcastic, perceptive, slightly geeky, and reliable. I am known to have an extraordinary ability to make a complete tit of myself!

What do I spend my time doing? Against a strongly held belief I shouldn't have to, I find myself working quite hard, but in a profession I find rewarding.

Favourite leisure activities include cooking, interesting bars/pubs/restaurants, travelling as frequently as possible, reading, listening to music, the occasional night out dancing, and doing something active like going to the gym, yoga, or walking in the country.

Rome nightlife may on occasion be great, but equally nights sat in front of the tv or reading, I find massively enjoyable.

I'm lucky to have a life filled with great people...

My Italian/English for your Spanish

Language Exchange 3/4/2018 7:45:35 PM

Hi guys I want to improve/practise my Spanish and can offer my Italian/English to help you. Looking for someone to meet up with after work or at the weekend for a drink/coffee. Ideally in Rome city centre. Cheers/ Ciao! :-) Alphonso...