from India 25 - 34

Registered 11/16/2019 2:14:26 PM

I am from New Delhi and a student of third year Medicine and Surgery in Tor Vergata university. I am free over the weekends and also in the evenings on weekdays. I am fluent in English. I could help in cafes, bars, english classes, assisting in art and craft jobs etc. My Italian is very limited but i would like a job to keep myself busy and support myself.

Looking for a part time job (fluent in english)

Job offers 2/23/2020 4:59:53 PM

I am a third-year medical student. I am free after classes during evenings on weekdays and all day on weekends. I come from India and my English is fluent. my Italian is however very limited. I could work in bars, restaurants or cafes. I am also open to teaching and also any kind of assisting in art&crafts jobs....