from United Kingdom 35 - 44

Registered 9/15/2020 1:52:32 PM

Hi, I'm a native Londoner with Spanish roots. English is my mother tongue (I speak Spanish, Italian and French too) I'm here in Rome for a while teaching online, and would love to offer my English in exchange for your Italian. (Can also offer Spanish if you like). I love architecture, museums, martini and walking around the city, contact me if you'd like a walk and some conversation!

English for Italian

Language Exchange 9/15/2020 2:11:23 PM

Hi! I teach English and I'm specialised in pronunciation and accents. I'd love to know more about the Roman accent and practice my Italian. In exchange, you can practice your English with me and I can teach you about all the accents in the UK and beyond. (I also speak Spanish and French). I'm in Rome for a while (teaching online) and would love to hang out with an Italian speaker; go for a ...