from Australia 25 - 34

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I'm a freelance journalist looking for Italians to interview for some articles.


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Hi everyone! I'm a journalist writing about politics and am currently looking at Italy. I'm looking for someone who has voted for the Five Star Movement in the last general election. I'd like to interview you about the appeals of the party and your hopes for the next administration. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to email me at Ciao!...

people to interview for NEWS!!

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Hi! My name is Megan Birot, I'm a freelance journalist travelling to Rome next week to write about Italy's declining birth rate, the phenomenon of the "mammone" and other social issues. I'm desperately looking for people to interview on these topics and you'll get free coffee in exchange for 15 mins of your time. Great deal right? =) I'm looking for: Italians who have kids. Italians who cho...