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I'm running around around like I'm 30 years oldI sold out in Ohio and moved here to paint and raise money a movie I am investment banker for some years I live above a movie studio that is voice dubbing movies into Italian I have over 500 paintings that will be shown in Rome and Florence but I have all my family in the United States and on weekends I'm looking for going out with groups & friends eating and enjoying the community I also attending new church that I would like friends to go with me to I like to drink Italian wine but not in excess write my email and I will send you my Roman phone

Dinner and chat 3. People and me

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I'm looking to buy dinner for the next 3 people that one of me and talk over food we will meet either at termini or turban Tina just for an evening of talking and having drinks these are not large elaborate dinners cut it off at 7 per person there is no catch and I have no agenda I'll bring a bottle of wine for 3 euros and my favourite lido grocery store. Friendship is a wonderful thingyou have ...