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Registered 9/21/2020 8:47:52 PM

Hi! I'm Milo. I'm 21, a student, and have just moved to Rome. COVID-19 has meant all my studies have moved online, so instead of staying in rainy Edinburgh I thought why not come to Italy! I love meeting new people and am hoping to make a few friends while I'm here.

New in Rome :)

Let's get a coffee together 9/21/2020 9:31:33 PM

Hi! I'm Milo, I'm 21 and I've just moved to Rome. All my univerity studies moved online due to COVID so I thought why not move to Italy! I'm here until December and am hoping to meet some cool new people. So if you wanted to grab a coffee, do some sightseeing, explore the city, or find some trendy bars, then let's meet up!...