Catherine Hutt

from United Kingdom 35 - 44

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I'm Catherine, I'm 27 years old, and I come from Wales. I came to Italy 3 years ago to teach English, and have lived all over Lazio, in the towns of Latina and Viterbo, before finally settling in Rome just over a year ago.
But even having lived all over the place, there's still so much I want to learn about this amazing city, region and country! And of course I'm always looking for great new friends to explore with, to share the things I know and to discover new places while having lots of fun.
And my passion for new places and faces of course extends to learning new languages and sharing my own. So if anyone fancies brushing up on their English...I'm ready to help...and of course to learn a few words of your language too!
So to the people I've already met, I look forward to having fun together in this wonderful city and to those I'm yet to meet...I'm looking forward to it!

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