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Registered 2/28/2018 4:42:53 PM

Since I have launched my career to an international level, I found myself mingling the values of a provincial lifestyle with the tools and techniques of a very much complex world. As far as great expectations lead me to leave my comfort zone, I moved to the United Kingdom to complete my Higher Education. Therefore, I am sure my future is English speaking. Enrolling at Queen Mary, University of London gave me the opportunity to be surrounded by an international atmosphere thriving with a diverse language land-scape which eventually spawned my humanistic endeavor as a whole. During a number of professional experiences in the fields of tourism, sales, communications, etc. I took a Master's Degree in Strategic Marketing at the University of Greenwich which has given me a thorough understanding of the business environment with a focus on the various agents and a peculiar interest towards Applied Linguistics. My passion for the English language is far from my family up-bringing, yet an inspiration for my prolonged academic pursuit. Throughout the whole of my education, I spread the purpose of sharing a common language in order to get along with one another and get to know the Second Language better. sincerely