from India 25 - 34

Registered 4/17/2018 11:19:02 PM

Grew up in Mumbai with 1 elder brother and loving parents. Went to the USA for Pilot training and got my Commercial Pilot Licence after my High School. A medical complication made me get into a different profession and now working as a Travel Professional. I am quite an adjusting person and gel with people nicely but quite moody when it comes to hanging out with anyone. I am a Scorpio and totally justify the nature traits of my Zodiac Sign, including the most prominent phrase to suit me, "Nothing or everything". But I do try to adapt based on what is right and what is not right. I have Good Ethics. I like to have deep philosophical conversations and debates. Free days are planned with trips to explore new destinations and meet new people. Prefer being close to Nature then man-made structures. Happiness and Smiles always. New in Roma. It would be great to meet new friends in Roma.