from Italy 25 - 34

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You can call me simply Marco or Juza, the man of the clouds, "I am Juza, I am a cloud. I am a free man. Free like the clouds in the sky, lightly blown by the wind"... Anyway, it sounds a little bit odd to describe myself to someone; I could say I am multifaceted guy with a bubbly personality, I love laughing and smiling and I can't help making jokes (I'm italian I'm sorry :D). At the same time I am empathetic and reflective person, I don't like narcissistic and materialistic people who brag about themselves... I lived abroad in different countries for almost 3 years, I might mention the big London and its incredible atmosphere or the vivid colours in New Zealand or the huge variety of nature in Australia... I still find it more emotional to recall all the people I've met during my travels, those meetings and deep conversations which largely made me the man I am today... I do think one of the secrets to grow up and evolve as human being is to learn about other people, to listen to other stories and experiences of life, other ways of thinking and other ways to see things... "The real things of life neither are studied nor learned, but are encountered." O. Wilde

Looking for a spanish speaker

Language Exchange 10/21/2021 6:42:35 PM

Hi lasses and lads! Nice to meet u , my name is Marco, I have just joined this community and I am mainly looking for a spanish speaker as I finally would like to move in Spain I can give you in exchange my italian (mothertongue) and my English (C1). On the other hand, I wouldn't mind taking fora stroll around the city with any fourist who want to explore my city ;) You can find me on couchsurfing...