FriendsInRome is the great new way to make friends in Rome!

FriendsInRome is the leading international social group in Rome that organizes many social and cultural events with the aim of encouraging interaction between Italians and foreigners who visit or live in Rome. It all starts online and then moves into the real world.


How it all began?

Italian childhood friends Francesco Grisafi and Simone Buonamico driven by their curiosity about foreign cultures began to meet some expats in Rome to practice other languages and drink a glass of wine after work. Their enthusiasm grew from there and so soon after they come about the idea to share their love of their fantastic city with a wider international community..... and so in January 2008 FriendsInRome was born!


Who participates in FriendsInRome?

Today FriendsInRome has grown to become a well-known social, cultural and networking organisation in Rome. With over 10.000 registered users and through its many social and cultural organised events it has fostered a greater socialization between Italians and foreigners.


There is no barrier of age and skin color in FriendsInRome!


FriendsInRome is truly an international affair welcoming all nationalities in Rome to join in. Although many people who regular participate in FriendsInRome are European and North Americans interest from people from South America and Africa has been steadily growing. The majority are from the 25 - 40 age groups but it's quite normal to see people ranging from 20 to 50 getting on famously at FriendsInRome events.

Many of the people who attend events are in Rome to study or to work in multi-national companies, embassies, institutions, international organizations like FAO, WFP and language schools.


What are the benefits?

If you are a foreigner who lives in Rome, or are just visiting Rome for a few days, FriendsinRome can help you by:

  • Giving you the chance to make new friends or meet new people from Italy and other parts of the world;
  • Helping you get to know Rome, the culture and the local Roman way of life;
  • Giving you the opportunity to learn, practice of sharpen up your Italian language skills not limiting to say only 'ciao' and 'buongiorno';
  • Allowing you to meet fellow countrymen who you can share your experiences and problems with of being a foreigner away from your own country;
  • If you are looking for someone to go to the cinema, restaurant, an exhibition, have a drink or coffee with or just join others with mutual interests, you can do it through FriendsInRome


So if you are up for enjoying the real Rome read more about How it works and Join Us for free!

Simone e Francesco

FriendsInRome è il nuovo modo per fare amicizia a Roma!

FriendsInRome è il più importante gruppo internazionale a Roma che organizza numerose iniziative socio-culturali con l'obiettivo di favorire la socializzazione tra italiani e stranieri che visitano o vivono a Roma.


Come è nato?

Francesco Grisafi e Simone Buonamico, italiani e amici d'infanzia, spinti dalla loro curiosità per le culture straniere hanno iniziato ad incontrare alcuni expats a Roma per praticare altre lingue straniere e bere un bicchiere di vino dopo il lavoro. Entusiasti della loro iniziativa hanno deciso di ampliare la loro organizzazione per condividere l'amore per la loro fantastica città con una comunità internazionale più ampia…. e così è nato FriendsInRome nel gennaio 2008!


Chi partecipa a FriendsInRome?

Oggi FriendsInRome è cresciuto fino a diventare un gruppo ben noto a Roma, con oltre 10.000 utenti registrati e attraverso i suoi numerosi eventi sociali e culturali ha favorito una maggiore socializzazione tra italiani e stranieri.


Non c'è nessuna barriera d'età e di colore della pelle a FriendsInRome!


La maggior parte delle persone che partecipano a FriendsInRome sono europei e nordamericani, ma è in rapida crescita l'interesse mostrato da sudamericani e africani. La maggioranza ha un'età compresa tra i 25 e i 40 anni ma può capitare spesso di vedere persone di 20 e 50 anni parlare piacevolmente insieme.

Molti si trovano a Roma per motivi di studio o per lavorare in società multinazionali, ambasciate, organizzazioni internazionali come FAO o WFP e scuole di lingue.


Come ti cambia la vita?

Se sei uno straniero che vive a Roma, o un turista che è venuto a Roma anche solo per pochi giorni, FriendsInRome può aiutarti a:

  • conoscere nuovi amici, sia italiani sia di altri paesi nel mondo;
  • conoscere la cultura, il modo di vivere e la città di Roma;
  • praticare la meravigliosa lingua italiana senza limitarsi a dire solo "ciao" e "buongiorno";
  • parlare con altri tuoi connazionali quando sei depresso perché nessuno ti capisce perfettamente;
  • Se sei alla ricerca di qualcuno con cui andare al cinema, ristorante, una mostra, prendere un drink o un caffè o semplicemente unirsi con altre persone con interessi comuni, puoi farlo attraverso FriendsInRome.


Quindi se non vedi l’ora di vivere la vera Roma leggi come fare su How it works ed unisciti al nostro gruppo gratuitamente su Join Us!!

Simone e Francesco

FriendsInRome: le nouveau moyen de se faire des amis à Rome!

FriendsInRome est le groupe international le plus important à Rome. Nous organisons de nombreux événements socioculturels dans le but de favoriser la socialisation entre les Italiens et les étrangers qui visitent ou résident à Rome.


Comment le groupe a été créé?

Francesco Grisafi et Simone Buonamico, italiens et amis d'enfance, poussés par leur curiosité pour les cultures étrangères, ont commencé en premier lieu à se réunir avec quelques expatriés à Rome pour la pratique d'autres langues en buvant un verre de vin après le travail. Enthousiastes au sujet de leur initiative, ils ont décidé d'agrandir leur organisation afin de partager l'amour pour leur fantastique ville avec une communauté internationale ... FriendsInRome ainsi est né en Janvier 2008!


Qui participe à FriendsInRome?

Aujourd'hui FriendsInRome s'est élargi pour devenir un groupe très connue à Rome, avec plus de 10.000 utilisateurs enregistrés.


Il n'existe pas de barrière de l'âge ni de la couleur de peau pour FriendsInRome!


La plupart des personnes participant à FriendsInRome sont des Européens et des Nord-Américains, mais il ya un croissant intérêt manifesté par des Sud-Américains et les Africains. La majorité a entre 25 et 40 ans, mais on trouve beaucoup d'amitiés qui se lient entre des gens de 20 et 50 ans.

Les participants proviennent de différents horizons, ils sont à Rome pour étudier ou pour travailler dans des sociétés multinationales, des ambassades, des organisations internationales comme la FAO, le PAM et écoles de langues.


Comment pouvez-vous changer votre vie?

Si vous êtes un étranger qui vit à Rome, ou un touriste qui vient à Rome, même pour quelques jours, FriendsInRome peut vous aider:

  • Faire de nouveaux amis, rencontrer des Italiens mais aussi des gens qui proviennent d'autres pays du monde;
  • Connaître la culture, le mode de vie, et la ville de Rome;
  • Pratiquer la langue italienne tout en ne pas vous limitant uniquement à dire "bonjour";
  • Parlez avec vos compatriotes en cas de difficultés parce que personne ne vous comprend parfaitement;
  • Devenir le protagoniste pour avoir votre opinion sur la vie à Rome et organiser votre meetup.


Donc, si vous ne pouvez attendre de connaître la vraie Rome, vous pouvez vous renseigner sur la façon dont marche notre site grâce à la fonction How it works rejoindre notre groupe gratuitement sur Join Us!

Simone e Francesco
Simone e Francesco

How it works

How to make new International friends in Rome

Rome is one of the most fascinating cities in the world but socialising in Rome can be very hard at times, especially for foreigners that have just arrived, so we've made it easy to make friends in Rome with an international crowd.

First of all you can join our wonderfully multi-cultural events, a place where Italians and people from all nationalities come together to share their experiences in interesting, fun and social gatherings. Part of the FriendsInRome philosophy, that underlies events, is the facilitating of new friendships and opportunities for people to share their different cultural experiences in a very relaxed and informal environment.

Examples of FriendsInRome cultural and social events:

  • INT'L KEEP'nTOUCH: Aperitivi in some of the nicest locales in Rome where you can socialize and relax after a long day at work or studying.
  • Walking Tour: Guided Tours exploring the best that the city has to offer from the famous and historical to the little known hidden gems.
  • FriendsInArt: Art exhibitions by leading Italian and international artists.
  • CineFriends: Enjoy screenings of some of the best classic Italian films.
  • ItaliansCookItBetter: A fun and great way to meet new people and learn to cook authentic Italian dishes.

The FriendsInRome website is a great place to start. It has lots of interesting and useful information about Rome and Roman culture and also acts as a great place for people to post ads and interact on the forums. Whether it’s language exchange, jobs, housing, classes or just socialising or chatting about things you like the FriendsInRome website is ideal for your needs. You can also organise your own "Going Out" by posting a message with your event idea.