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The public transport in Rome

Tel: 06.46951

The airports of Rome

The italian train transport

General Information

The Police

Ministry of foreign affairs. Info for entry VISA

The municipality of Rome

Tel: 060606

Total Relocation and Immigration services

For English-speaking mothers of all nationalities in Rome, Italy

Visit Rome

Reductions for musuems and transport

A complete guide to travel and sightseeing in Rome

Que visitar en Roma

expert reviews on the best 'Rome Hotels' on

Rome Hotels

Tourism and travel guide, find the best of Rome

Italian Language

Italian grammar

Italian dictionary

Italian Language School in Rome

Free italian books download


"La Repubblica" newspaper

"Il Corriere della Sera" newspaper

"l'Unità" newspaper

Italian RAI TV programmes and news in streaming

Beppe Grillo Blog


"La Sapienza"

"Tor Vergata" University

"Roma Tre" University

Emergency Numbers

Police - Tel: 113

Carabinieri - Tel: 112

Firefighters - Tel: 115

Medicance assistance (ambulance) - Tel: 118

First Aid (night) - guardia medica - Tel: 06.58201030

Taxi service - Tel: 06.3570; 06.4157; 06.5551; 06.6645

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