from Italy 25 - 34

Registered 11/8/2022 1:14:06 AM

Marco... I am multifaceted guy with a lot of passions; I love laughing and making jokes, but then I am a sensitive and reflective person, I don't like narcissistic and materialistic people: we live in a society where we tend to praise those kind of people and we are slowly forgetting how marvelous kind and empathetic people are in this world. (being is more important than appereance.. always!). I lived abroad in different countries for almost 3 years from 2014 to 2016 and I still crack a nostalgic smile when, sometimes, I recall the big London and its incredible atmosphere or the vivid colours in New Zealand or the huge variety of nature in Australia... what a dream! Despite that, the memories regarding people I've met during my travels are more emotional than anything else... I do think one of the secrets to grow up and evolve as human being is to learn about other people, to listen to other stories and experiences of life, other ways of thinking and other ways to see things... Quoting Oscar Wilde "The real things of life neither are studied nor learned, but are encountere